This HR Consulting Company (Ward Howell Group) was founded in 2008. Formatta is engaged in consulting in the field of key HR processes and their automation. It has over 1,500 projects for state corporations, private companies, and startups in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other countries.

Formatta’s Solutions

Personnel assessment

- Assessment and development centers;

- Team potential assessments; 

- Development of exercises for assessment centers; 

- Training of assessment center assessors; 

- Engagement surveys.

Competence modeling

- Management expertise; 

- Professional competencies; 

- Competence libraries.

Organizational design

- Development and optimization of organizational structures; 

- HR business processes design; 

- KPI system development.

HR processes automation

- SAP success factors; 

- Automation of annual evaluation; 

- Customized candidate solutions.

Evgeni Kupriyanov
Evgeni Kupriyanov Partner, General Manager
Teklina Anna
Teklina Anna Partner, Business Director

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